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Hahahahahaaa.... I tried shipping them outta here last night but the young'n one just wouldn't stop screaming and holding on to my pant leg for some reason.. LOL..:D

Well I feel a tad bit better. And I will take anything I can get that is for sure! I got over my cold though. So that makes life a little easier to deal with. And I started my Cimetidine for my duodenitis. My PCP has me on 1,200 mg of Cimetidine (Tagamet) and also gave me a scrip for Elavil but I have not taken that yet. I am kinda scard to start a anti-depressant although I know they use this one for allot of people that suffer with Fibromyalgia and I was DX'd with that last year. But on the paperwork it says to watch close monitoring if u are taking Elavil and Cimetidine?!? So I called the pharmacist and he says shouldn't be any problem. Ugg.. I just HATE taking medication. SO I am kinda scared to take both at the same time now. lol.