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Wow sounds like u have been thru allot!!

Today I am having major headache again. Not sure though if it is from neck. stress, or thyroid. Ugg... But I do notice latley my neck, and upper back, along with my leg have really been bothering me more.

My chest pain is all over basically. But I notice it more in the center area just below the breast bone. Almost like where it would hurt if u had ulcer. BUT i have had 2 endoscopes, barium testing, blood tests plus biopsies to look for the H-Pylori and no. Only thing I do have is duodenitis which I am taking Cimetidine for. But this pain I have in chest area moves around allot. And it is a real achy pain. Like I can stretch my upper back. Like if u were stretching or something and I can feel the pain more when I do that. All thru chest area and into back.. I also have had numerous cardiac work up done thru out the last year and everything was all clear there. Plus this pain in chest area NEVER goes away. After a year with this constant aching pain I also have come to totally believe it isn't cardiac related. It HAS to be back, neck, or even chest wall causing it. Very frustrating though......

But now knowing how bad my neck is and even was back in 2005 I can pretty much guess all this pain I am dealing with is from those areas. And PLUS I just did radiation pill in Feb of 2006 for Grave's Disease. ( Thyroid).. So I know some of my aches and pains are from being 1st hyper and then hypothyroid. It messes with whole body also.

Sheesh I feel like I am falling apart. LOL