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Hi Ma~
These boards are amazing arent they? Eric probably is on to us meeting over here anyway, do ya think? ...heehee. But the most important thing is that you get to feeling better.
You can try a few saltines with your pills, and even a cup of good old chicken noodle soup does wonders. Or even some toast. If i recall, Darvocet, was hell on my stomach, and I had to have some starch in my belly. Try that. Or even some broth. If you are taking darvon compound it has caffine in it, which will make your tummy feel jttery. If its plain darvocet, it has tylenol, which can aggravate it as well. sometimes I take some cimetidine with my meds. you can find it at any discount store, ie: Walmart, ect.
Im glad we all connected over here, and honestly, I was joking about Eric...But you know that he loves you to death, mom, and knows we have all been buds from the git-go.
Try not to feel badly about the safe issue. Honestly, its not like you are on a sched III drug that is hardcore, and darvon is very weak. I know that you're thinking about how Eric feel,s but I can tell you from what he has said, all he cares about is that you are feeling better and getting relief. you know he is like that, and the safe is nothing compared to other issues hes going thru as living a clean life.
He's ok, and YOU being ok, is whats going to keep your boy going strong.
Hope Reach sees this, and please start a thread over here for me any time you wish. Love to you and your boy...