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Yes, cimetidine is also believed to be an opioid potentiator. I do not know about famotidine, but if it's in the same family then it is also a potentiator.

But I wouldn't go overboard with these meds. I wish I could recall the NMDA antagonist Shoreline recommends. It might be Namenda?

The purest NMDA antagonist I know of is methadone, which also happens to be an opioid too. NMDA antagonists act to potentiate the analgesic action of opioids as well as to slow, stop or sometimes even reverse opioid tolerance. This is one reason why prescribing methadone is so tricky, especially in those already on high doses of opioids.

I think the idea behind ranitidine and cimetidine is that if you are already in need of these meds, then by all means do not fear using them along with your opioid PM meds, as you "may" find the pain med works a bit better.