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Both of my girls have Asthma too but younger one is worse than the older one. Sinus infections seems to be a big trigger for both of them.

My 2 yr old is the one that has had all kinds of test done because she has been hospitalized 8 times in the year because of her asthma. We noticed she seemed to have ear infections everytime we went to the doctor or ER so as well treating with antibiotics she had tubes put in her ears and that helped with the ear infections, however she still kept getting sick no matter what medicines she was on.

So they tested her for acid reflux, and put her on medication for that. Again, I noticed her sleeping a little better at night but it she still kept having bad Asthma attacks and we would end up at the hospital.

Next they did a cilia biopsy from her nose to see if she had some rare disease where the tiny hairs inside her body weren't working properly, that was negative.

They did a sweat test for CF and that was negative. Finally her Pulmonary specialist who is also over the CF Department at the University of Texas Hospital said she wanted to do genetic testing on her because the sweat test can miss about 2% of CF patients. At that time she also said she was going have Ambry Genetics test for any known polymorphisms. They simply drew blood and sent it to California for testing. It took about 3 weeks to get the results back and she tested negative for CF but positive for a polymorphism M470V and she had this twice. One she inherited from me and the other from her father. According to our doctor the M470V polymorphism simply meant she was more inclined to get sinus infections than the normal child without this gene alteration. She said that people with the M470V may have some of the symptoms of CF but not have CF and they are usually much less severe. Apparently CF patients have a lot of sinus problems.

In September 2004, the last time she was in the hospital they did a CAT Scan and found her sinus were stopped up. We have been on several different antibiotic since and had two other CT Scans and they are still clogged up. After we started nasal washing the CT Scan got a little better but it still wasn't good. Finally they decided to do a culture on the bacteria growing in her sinus' so they could find a antibiotic that would kill it. They did and found it was resistant to penicillan and most other commonly used antibiotics in children. There were four drugs that would kill it, three of them none of her doctors would give her because they haven't been tested in children and the other one called Cipro is not commonly used for children but our Dr uses it in her CF patients and assured us it was safe.

So we are now on Cipro, nasal washing her sinuses each day and hoping for a good result on her next CT Scan in about two weeks. If we can show alot of improvement on her CT Scan then possibly we can avoid sinus surgery. Her pulmonary doctor says she absolutely doesn't want her having surgery at her age because her sinuses aren't developed yet but her ENT says that may be our only option.