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i had ear infections and tonsilitis from around birth-til i was about 3 or 4 years old. at least once a month..

Once they took my tonsils out, (of course), my tonsilitis went away, and Also, I didnt get any more ear infections!They just dissapeared.

altho, what sucks, after i got better from that, i got sick again..(a year or so later.. dunno)(again once a month or 2) with something else!(bladder infections) lol.. i got better from that at age 12,, finally! what seemed to help that go away was cipro.. although its a pain reliever... it got me better.. fully..
but now. im a lot better, now, i have lower back pain, for no reason, that i can see.. and a touch of bursitis in my knee! lol... (and im only 18!)