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I totally understand how you feel about antibiotics but let me tell you about my daughter and perhaps some of this will help you. The bottom line is they may be giving the WRONG antibiotic. Bacteria can become resistant to the normal antibiotic given children. Trust me, we have just went through this with my 2 year old. Right now she is on Cipro (a strong antibiotic) but before we gave it to her it was tested in the lab and the Cipro killed the bacteria she has in her sinues. She goes back for another CT Scan on the 14th. Heaven help me I hope it works. The bacteria in her sinus was resistant to all penicillan antibiotics and clyndamicin which is commonly given if a bacteria is resistant to penicillan.

I have two daughters one is four and the other two. Both of them have asthma but my 2yr old is much worse. If fact it's been so bad she's been tested for CF because they thought it might be what was going on. They did genetic testing for both CF and any known polymorphism (which is basically an alteration in her gene makeup). She tested negative for CF but positive for a polymorphism called M470V. According to her pulmonary doctor because she caries the M470V on two of her genes she is more likely to have sinus infections more often than the normal child and boy does she. We have been trying since September of 2004 to clear up a sinus infection and hopefully this last round of antibiotics will work. We have had 3 Cat Scans already and go for our 4th next monday.

My 4yr old has asthma but it is pretty mild. Spring and Summer most of the Fall she's fine but let Winter start coming on and she starts coughing, pretty much like you explained yours doing. I took her to the doctor again last week and the doctor said she had a sinus infection and it was triggering her asthma. And since she had been coughing pretty much all winter she felt is was time to start her on a preventative medicine for her asthma. It is amazing the difference this week. Within two days she wasn't coughing AT ALL. She's doing fine this week.

I hope this helps a little bit. By the way I know you said they tested for asthma but have they tried any breathing treatments at all? If they haven't I think you should ask them to try it anyway just to see if it helps. Sometimes asthma is hard to diagnose in kids and then sometimes doctors are hesitant to label a child with Asthma at such an early age. I told my doctors when they kept beating around th bush about diagnosing asthma, Look I need to know what were dealing with. I could care less about what an insurance company is going to think in 10 or 15 years. If she's got asthma let's deal with it and worry about the rest later.

By the way my pediatrician still treats my 4yr old for her asthma since it is pretty mild but my 2yr was referred to a pulmonary specialist and we really made progress with a diagnosis once we say her. Maybe you need to see a specialist.