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i had uti's since i was 4 yrs old! finally, they got better at 12! ( i had them once a month at least.:(
does she have a specialist for her uti's? i did..i had a good one..
After a couple months of the medicine Cipro, it helped it, and it hasnt come back yet. (im 18 now..)
cipro is a anti inflammatory..
ive heard they dont like using it on ppl.. dunno why, it worked Great on me! it stopped my uti's.:) so.. if u want to take med route.. try that..

also, at some places they have the all natural pills that u could take that can help stop it.. ugh, i hated cranberry joice/punch with a passion.. so i never had it..

i can ask my uncle if he knows other ways to help stop uti's w/out medicine (he is a pediatrition in california)