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Hi, I was prescribed antiobiotics for suspected NSU
1g azithromycin (Zithromax one dose)
then a five day course of Ciprofloxacin 2x500mg daily.

Before this I was tested for STD's and UTI and it came back negative. They also did a rigid cystoscopy, bladder was fine and no urethral strictures.

My symptoms:
Constant tingling sensation of varying degrees (but never goes away and is incredibly annoying) inside the head of my penis. It is also like having an urge to go urinate so my frequency of urinating has gone up and I usually go every 1 or 2 hours.
I have had these symptoms for around a year now and I am starting to lose my mind.

The zithromax and cipro didn't do anything for me. So they concluded that because these antibiotics didn't relieve my syptoms I did not have NSU.
I am not too sure about this decision. They did not have any idea of what I could possibly have.

I'm thinking that it might be possible that I do infact have NSU.
I checked up on an eMedicine website and it said that NSU required 2g of Zithro to treat and not just 1. It also said that Cipro does not treat NSU...

Is this correct and then, was the doctor wrong in prescribing me this and then concluding that I did not have NSU because the antibiotics didn't work..

This is the only reason I can think of because I have searched all over the internet and haven't found anything which could cause these symptoms that I could logically have. Only NSU and I'm beginning to doubt that I was given correct antibiotics/dosages.

Should I have been prescribed doxycycline instead?

Any ideas from people who have had NSU?