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well if your throat hurts, your ears feel stuffy & hurt & your sinsues are stuffy & hurting, that's ETD. but only if you have 2 or more of those symptoms. meaning your ears can hurt & be stuffy but if your throat isnt sore/ your sinuses aren't swollen, it's likely to be a local infection.
ETD can have many causes, one of which is allergies. mine just happens to be allergy triggered.. ughhh high pollen days are miserable.. first my nose gets stuffy & then my sinuses start feeling under pressure & hurt then my ears start pounding & stuffy & then my throat gets sore & swollen. all controlled by Flonase, clarinex & sudafed severe congestion. when it gets real bad though, fluid can accumulate in the middle ear & make ya dizzy. that's the worst part! well hope this helps