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Not possible if it is a product of your own body=)
But, that aside, dandruff can be a sign of allergy. Any itching on your scalp? Open sores that wooze, weep & sometimes bleed? Flakes on the bigger side? Does a dandruff shampoo help?
Dandruff is a symptom of, but not always, seborrheic dermatitis, which can be triggered by an allergy. For me, if I don't take Clarinex EVERY SINGLE DAY, my scalp gets all itchy & slowly progresses to dandruff & full blown dermatitis. Taking an antihistamine may help your scalp(but be patient, it may take a week or 2 to clear up), and you would probably benefit from using a tar shampoo. You can get this OTC(Neutrogena has some I believe), as well as a prescription(Capex is awesome) & just use that in the beginning of the shower on your scalp only. In a week or 2, along with the antihistamine, the flakes should be gone, as wella s your sneezing improved=) Good luck