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Your on the wrong track about your throat=).
Are your sinuses feeling stuffy right now? Ears hurt/feel stuffed up?
If so, it's very likely you have Eustachian Tube Dysfunction. ETD causes the ET to swell up & sometimes close shut. This causes the ears, sinuses & throat to go along with that, since they are all connected.
You'd probably benefit from a nasal steroid spray, and it sounds like it could very well be an infection if it's been swelled up from long enough. Flonase does a great job of helping keep the inflammation in check, along w/ regular Clarinex & Sudafed Severe Congestion. At some point I will probably get tubes in my ears, and I probably need sinus surgery also, it's a bit of a tricky disease to diagnose, but it sounds like that is what it is. I get the same way if I miss one dose of flonase, my throat sewlls up to where it is hard to swallow.