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Quote from chiggins1066:
O.K. I have the sinus issues under control for the most part. I irrigate and use antihistamines, and sometimes use Mucinex.

Here is the problem. Late at night, I ALWAYS get major nasal congestion. I can't breathe out of my nose. But only at night. During the day I have no problems at all. I've had to resort to decongestant nasal sprays.

Now I've developed a lot of dryness in the mouth, a kind of burning on the roof. Doesn't look like any kind of infection, just irritation and major dryness. I assume it is from constantly breathing through my mouth at night, or maybe a side-effect of the antihistamines.

So here is the dilemma. If I use antihistamines, am I going to dry out my mouth worse? Naturally, if I use the nasal spray, I'm going to cause rebound congestion and nasal irritation. But if I don't use them, I can't breathe through my nose!

So for the veterans here, a couple questions...

1. Have you had this mouth dryness/dry throat problem?
2. Does irrigation make it worse or better?
3. Do you find that allergy meds make it worse?
4. Have you found a medication that works without this side-effect?

It's furstrating, because just when I get my sinuses pretty much under control, new symptoms start up. Ugh!

1. Yes. Partly due to ETD going into my throat a lot & partly, after I wake up, from my medication. Are you on asthma medication? I thought I saw you on the asthma boards? If you use any kind of bronchodilator, they can make your mouth dry as a desert.
2. Don't know sorry=(
3. I could not function w/out all components of my allergy treatments. This means daily Advair, Flonase, Clarinex & when needed, daily Sudafed, Singulair.. along w/ a host of other medications if needed. If one part is missing, nothing works. So yes, allergy meds help a ton.
4. Umm.. i've never attritibuted this problem to antihistamines.. so I don't know! But i'm in love w/ Clarinex, had a good experience w/ Allegra(but became 2 big for my ETD throat to swallow when I was flaring up), and am a full believer in Benadryl. I am able to double up when i'm doing REALLY badly- for example, take Clarinex(24 hour) in the morning & Benadryl at nite. Not any sooner though.
hope you find some relief soon.. this awful weather in chicago has me miserable.. humid & ragweed everywhere=(