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I live in the MW, Chicago specifically.
My biggest symptoms are shortness of breath, coughing, skin allergies, and ETD symptoms(sinus, ear & throat pressure, pain, swelling), runny nose, itchy eyes.
I take Flonase, Clarinex, Advair & I have a host of other meds to help in case I need it. Shortness of breath- Xopenex neb & albuterol inhaler, also prednisone if i'm real bad, Coughing- Codeine, Tessalon perles, Skin Allergies-(too many creams to name), ETD- Sudafed Severe Congestion, Benadryl, Runny nose- same, Itchy eyes- also benadryl
I do get shortness of breath- I have several treatments at home for it. There is pretty much no need for me to go to the hospital unless i'm starting to desaturate. Usually I can self medicate and then follow up w/ doctor.