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I take Clarinex every morning(I have other allergies also) & when am flaring up like that, I take Benadryl at nite to help me sleep(this is what my doctor told me to do).
You bring up an interesting point- I tend to break out in random rashes & am allergic to several other things. What it has to do with the UV ray allergy, I have no idea. Then again i've been dealing with every kind of skin sensitivity/allergy since the day I was born so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I really like this cream by Prescriptives Cosmetics called Comfort Cream- it truley stops the rash in its tracks & it goes away. I use it at work(I work in cosmetics) when I get a rash there & I love it. You may also be triggered by things other than allergens, such as a detergent or soap or the soap you are using is too harsh. Don't use soap, look for a body wash that is gentle like Aveeno or Dove. Also make sure to put lotion on as soon as you get out the shower(within 5 mins) all over, using Cetaphil(Awesome lotion for sensitive skin). Another thing, may want to try using water a little cooler in the shower, hot water does nasty things to dry sensitive skin. Other than that, I would have another allergy test done & make sure they do it intradermal(injected not just scratch). well those are my best tips... good luck