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i've been having a horrible time lately. during winter i started to notice a little phlegm in my throat but never thought much of it, until about two weeks ago when the phlegm was so bad that i got panic attacks worrying that i would suffocate, or choke when i eat. my doctor prescribed me clarinex and simply saline- it seemed to help a little, but the symptoms came back quickly. on feb 2nd, she prescribed me allegra- two 30mg pills a day, and the allegra has helped a lot but there is still a little phlegm in my throat that bothers me. i am also experiencing dry mouth. i told her i am still congested, and so she gave me flonase, but the second night i took it, i got an extremely acidic taste in my throat and could feel it whenever i talked. i don't know if this is phlegm or caused by the flonase?

the nurse said that if i don't feel better in two weeks i will have to go to an allergist, but they think i am just reacting to something in the air, and when i was examined my doctor said i had post nasal drip way in the back of my nose. what i'm worried about is, is what i'm going through "normal" for allergies? or do you think it could still just be a cold? i've also been coughing since starting the allegra. when i am in a room with a humidifier, i feel a lot better, but there are times during the day i feel fine and other times my symptoms get worse. but i am so tired of eating and being afraid that food will get caught in my throat, or trying to catch my breath when my throat is clogged with phlegm. this choking feeling really bothers me.

any advice or experiences? i guess i just want some reassurance- i've never been through this before, so i'm a little worried something's wrong with me. :rolleyes: even though it could just all be a cold!