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lol i'm finally a legal adult but the winter has always been known as a problem for me- since I was born. Something about the cold dry weather doesn't agree with skin. Not for me or my family, it runs in our family. The best things we did for me was put in a central humidifier, and put in wood floors in my room to control dust. It helps alot. I like the moisturizer Cetaphil to help with itching, moisturize within 5 mins of toweling off. Recommended highly by most any dr or derm. One thing I found helped alot was taking a daily antihistamine- Clarinex has worked great for me. It eliminated the need for tar & steroid shampoo in the winter(have been using both since I was 8 for scalp allergies). It sounds crazy but you might just need a vacation to the ocean(saltwater), that is the #1 thing you can do for skin allergies, along with UV rays(sunlight) natural is best. Good excuse to head to the beach=) just make sure you wear a sunscreen that doesnt contain titanium dioxide. What else... there are a million skin creams, oils, ointments,,, etc that can help you, it took me years & years to find the right one don't give up hope. Try the cetaphil lotion also a cosmetics counter called Prescriptives makes a cream called Comfort Cream which is amazing for calming itchy skin I use it on rashes & it stops them right away. Nice product. good luck.