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This fall I, for a reason still unbeknownst to me, spontaneously became allergic to everything (I think it probaly had something to do with moving into a new apartment, though.) That is everything they pricked me for, I welted up, including a bunch of foods. My allergy symptoms in terms of itchy eyes, stuffy nose, etc. are pretty much under control with flonase, clarinex and astelin, but I suffer from this awful foggy, disconnected feeling. It is almost like I took a sleeping pill and cannot quite pull out of the spacy/dream like state they put you in. I've been on a number of strong antibiotics for a possible sinus infection (as people with sinus infections often complain of these symptoms) and had a CT scan. All checks out well. I have seen two neurologists, two allergists, an ENT and a psychiatrst. I am pretty sure that whatever it is, this condition is allergy related, as it started up when I developed all these new allergies. So my question was whether allergy shots seem like a good idea. My cousin had allergy shots and they completly changed his life. I guess I am just looking for some other sucess stories. People who felt dizzy, got shots, aren't dizzy anymore.

Also, how long can I expect to wait before the take effect? What are the odds they won't do a thing for me? What if I am allergic to something they didn't test me for and therefore don't recieve the benifit of shots because I am not being injected with the culprit allergen? Do they work for food allergies?

Any info, stories, guidance is much appreciated