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I live in southern California and...Oh My Gosh, I can't believe someone else is feeling the same way,(WE have had 3 times the rain we normally get so much more pollen, I have lived here for 4 years and have nevered been bothered before like this year. For weeks now I have been so sleepy and tired that it is difficult to go to work. About 5 weeks ago I was so dizzy headed and did not feel well, went to the doc, he said he thought it was a virus? I told him I had gotten like this before when I lived back east in the spring time. I asked him if he would please do a blood check on
my IGE's he didn't want to but finally gave in. That was Friday afternoon, Monday morning he called me to tell me my IGE's were high!! So low and behold there was my answer. Thought it would get better by taking Alavert, but it hasn't so yesterday I swung by his office to pick up Clarinex, still today I was sleepy as though I was
the cowardly lion sleep walking through the poppy fields! It may take time for the allergy med to kick in, but I have been brutally sleepy and tired. For those of you that don't know about IGE's have your doc to check it, that is an indication your fighting off allergans...........Boy I sure hope I start feeling better soon,,I am going to go to GNC and get some of the Sinus and allergy homeopathic mentioned above..Thank you very much for sharing that info.....hope everyone starts feeling well soon......