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OK, I saw the ENT again today, since the headaches are still there and the congestion only on the left side. I am 4 months post-op (3rd surgery). I had to hear the "We cleaned you out, everything is very open, there is no infection, we used the 3-D camera..." blah, blah, blah speech again. He agrees that I am congested..Uhh, ya think? I've been taking Clarinex and Singulair, and the ever so frequent steroid pack (which is the only thing that helps). He decided to add Astelin to see if that helps. Here's the problem -- I just made the mistake of searching this allergy board for Astelin...doesn't look too good...some of the things that were mentioned were that it has a HORRIBLE taste, makes you tired, and makes you sneeze after taking it.

Anyone wanna jump in with something positive about it? (Not that I think it's actually going to help...)