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First of all, I need to admit that I'm eating a big heap of humble pie LOL. I have chronic tonsillitis and was adamant that I did NOT have allergies even though the dr insisted I be tested because he felt allergies was the issue.

He prescribed me Clarinex-D (12 hour) which I didn't take because I didn't have: "itchy/watery eyes, scratchy throat, runny nose and nasal congestion" which the insert said it was prescribed for.

I had had enough today...my tonsils were swelling and I've been having low-grade night-time fevers. So I took the Clarinex with the thought of proving to my dr that it wasn't allergies and he could start investigating other causes.

I cannot believe how much better I can breathe!! My tonsils are less inflammed, my eyes which have ached for 4 years are actually not aching! My head feels less foggy/dreamy in general and I even feel like I can see more clearly. I keep taking deep breaths...it's like I've grown another lung:D .

Anyway, on to my questions. My dr wants to do the allergy skin testing. If the Clarinex helps is it necessary to have this done? If I am found to have allergies based on this test is it likely a dr will prescribe immunotherapy? Can I do immunotherapy and take Clarinex at the same time?

I'm enjoying this immediate relief...is it likely to last if I continue to take it? This is just a free sample and he didn't really give me directions on how to take it; is it supposed to be taken every day (says to take it in the morning) or am I supposed to wait until I have symptoms?

I take medication for insomnia, has anyone had any issues taking Clarinex and not being able to sleep or having it interfere with their sleep meds (I take Lunesta)?

Thank you for any help you can provide.


P.S. I'm 29 and have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. I have always blamed that for feeling poorly (I was extremely healthy until Dec. 2003...I got the flu and haven't felt well since; I've had a lot of testing done...all is normal except thyroid).
Allergies are funny and can present in many different forms. I also had atypical allergy symptoms. As a kid, all I had was chronic post nasal drip. My mother knew it was allergies b/c of family history, but the doctor actually told her some kids just have that! Anyway, I mention that because PND might be what is causing your tonsilitis.

You can definitely take Clarinex while getting allergy shots. BUT you can't take the Clarinex before getting tested. Doctors vary with how long you need to be off of the antihistamines, some just a week, others 3-4 weeks. So it would be wise to get tested before you get the prescription filled. Since you haven't been taking it forever, it won't take long for the Clarinex to leave your system. I agree with elmhar, it is good to know what you are allergic to, so you can avoid it. And the shots do work well, I highly recommend them.