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Just this past spring I started to break out in a red, blotchy rash on parts of my skin that were exposed to the sun. I am 24 years old and have lived my whole life outdoors playing sports and going to the beach...never have I experienced this. The rash itches non-stop. As the affeted areas slowly get accustomed to the sunlight the rash disappears. Lately I've finally gotten to the beach and now my unexposed back is full of the itchy rash again. I'm sure stangers think I have some gross skin conditon.

I've been to my derm and I got clarinex which occasionally works, but at the time I assumed there was something during my daily routine causing this. Now that I have been exposed to the sunlight again, and the rash is back, I'm certain the sunlight is causing this.

Does anybody else experience this? What do you do to alleviate the itching? Any advice? Thanks in advance for any help!