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I apologize for the length of this post***

I have had bad breath my entire life. My Dental Hygenist says that I take great care of my teeth and my Dentist concurs. I brush regularly and floss daily. I drink lots of water. I have tried all sorts of things from eating nothing but bland, non-offensive foods to not drinking alcohol to eating nothing to every over-the-counter remedy I can find (Breath Assure, Chlorophyll pills, parsley, sprays, mouthwashes, etc.)

Nothing has ever helped and I started developing negative social mannerisms that alienate me further from people. I will not stand near someone if I can help it & if I have to I try not to speak & I even hold my breath in. I step back during conversations because I believe I can be smelled from 6+ feet away. (I have had things said to me by strangers so it's not just in my head.) I at least make a point to keep something (table, counter, distance) between me and the other person.

I tried going to a "Breath Clinic" once but they sold me $200 worth of products that didn't work. Even if they did work I would have to constantly use the products throughout the day. I even used a fake name because I was so humiliated.

I read things like "brush your tongue, floss, do this, do that" & that just adds to my poor self-image. People seem to think that just brushing will solve this but it doesn't. I drink more than I should if I am in certain social situations because either the alcohol keeps me from thinking about it then (less inhibitions) or I reason that maybe the alcohol odor will cover my stench. I know, a horrible way to deal with the problem.

I don't look at people if they are closer than I can deal with because my mouth would be pointing in that direction.

I have times that I want to be spontaneous or out-going but I know I stink and know that the more I put myself out there the easier target I am for embarrassment.

I have always believed that everyone else had something over on me because they could always say "You stink" and I would be devastated.

I realize that I have chronic post nasal drip (I always thought that drainage was normal) & that could be the culprit. What kind of Dr. do I see for that? An Allergy Dr. or E.N.T.? How does a Dr. go about curing post nasal drip? I have been checking my insurance to find specialists in my plan but which one? (I don't need a referral)

Has anyone that has had bad breath due to post nasal drip really found a cure? What kind of treatment is there? It has never made a difference when I have used meds be it antihistamines, allergy, sinus, whatever. Is a nasal irrigator useful? How often do you have to use it? Anybody have answers?

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dude---I identified with your entire post. for me it was worse in high school. I remember shrinking away from people if they got too close. I did all kinds of things, just like you described.

I have known for a long time that I have post nasal drip but still nothing ever worked. my doctor gave me this nasal spray to use. maybe it would've worked but I hated using it so much I hardly ever used it.

one day my doctor decided to try allergy medicine. I've always had allergies anyway and he said post nasal drip is a sign of an allergic reaction.

so....I tried allegra

miracle of miracles!

it totally worked.

I've never had really big allergies.....the kind where you get all stuffy and its very noticeable, yet when I was tested for allergies I had a TON, lol.....(to the point where I am always surrounded by allergens, lol)

the only things I notice is I get a runny nose a LOT and I always always have post nasal drip. also, after eating certain things I will have a TON of phlegm, which just sort of appears. but quite often it also seems to drip down my throat from my nasal cavity. when I brush my teeth I have to spit a lot cos of the phlegm. its kinda gross but its THERE and I hate the feeling of it always being there. if I was a guy I'd spit in public a lot, lol

I wish I still had this article...about a year ago I found an article at ***** (I just looked and can't find it) but it had an article that talked about the causes of post nasal drip and some of the results of having it. two reasons for having post nasal drip are allergies or a sinus infection....curiously PND has a lot of various effects.....but the one that stood out to me the most was BAD BREATH

I have tried everything....I brush very well, I floss, I brush the back of my tongue very well...I used to gargle and all kinds of crap. nothing worked

one day, I was walking out of the bathroom, having JUST brushed my teeth...and my mom commented on my bad breath. that was it. I couldn't take it anymore. I knew it wasn't my hygeine. as a test, I took my finger and touched the back of my throat.....woah! it reeked. my tongue didnt' smell. my saliva didnt smell. but the very back of my throat (not the tongue, but the throat itself) smelled really bad.

thats when I decided to go see the doctor about it.

in your case it really seems like post nasal drip might be the culprit. especially since you know you have it.

I've tried other allergy medicines aside from allegra.....some work and some don't. I wish I could remember which don't work. I know there is this one common ingredient in allergy medcines (especially popular among over hte counter kind) it does NOT work.

try anything similar to allegra. I think claritin might work.

my whole point is, it is probably post nasal drip causing this. and allergy medicine might work because it IS (in most cases) a cause of allergies.

check your throat, see if it smells. if it does you KNOW its not your hygeine. (unless of course your tongue or saliva smells too)

for me this has been SO wonderful. I stopped doing all those self conscious things like trying to stay away from people (though for a while I kept checking my throat because I was still paranoid it wasn't working) but it did.
I never have bad breath EVER when I take allergy medicine. the only time I do is in the morning (and its way worse than most peoples morning breath so I'm still very self conscious in the morning) but the medicine works in about half an hour but you MUST EAT when taking it (or around the time of taking it) for it to work well. whenever I dont' take the medicine, the bad breath is back full force....*groan* it can be a pain having to always take it, but when I'm forced back into not taking it I realise how much it improves my social life and confidence. it IS worth it.

for me I've found eating in general makes the bad breath go away (unless its garlic or something) but the bad breath only goes away for a short while

sorry this was so long.....