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:confused: Somebody please help me if you can. I have had a chronic cough for the past 3 weeks. At first I just assumed it was allergies, went to the store and bought OTC Claritin and Nyquil Cough, and things started clearing up. But, about 4 days ago, it all started again, and this time my cough was worse! I went to the doctor two days ago, she diagnosed me with an upper respiratory infection, and gave me Zithromax, Panmist DM, and Phenergan w/ Codeine to use at night. I'm all done with the Zithromax, and thankfully I'm not coughing up brown stuff in the morning anymore (yuck, sorry!), but this cough just will not go away! All the Panmist DM does is make me sleepy and a little dizzy (but still coughing!) and the Phenergan has absolutely no effect. I took it last night, and coughed almost all night. I have been coughing for so long that my head hurts, my jaws hurt, my throat hurts, and pretty much all of my insides are sore from the stress of constant coughing. I will go back to the dr if I have to, but I've already dropped so much $$$$ there as it is! And plus I've wasted $40 on two perscriptions that did not help. This is getting so old! Thanks so much for any advice you can give me!!! :confused: