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yeah, i dont get carried away unless i find something really abnormal and i have a lot of symptoms to follow it. That and I had mono about 7 months ago which turned into a lingering condition to this day. I just got back from the ER and the doctor said i had flared lymphnodes and i know all about that . he didnt help me much but the paper i got did , it stated that this can happen from diseases like mononucleosis or other things such as HIV. Flared Lymphnodes are a sign that your body is trying ti fight an infection so im pretty sure that my mono isnt completely gone and therefore makeing me much more susceptible to virus's and other conditions. It lowers the hell out of your immune system and even though i was notified it coudl last 6 months to a year i didnt actually beleive it would. Ever since i came down with this, i have not been myself. I wish i knew what to take to energize myself , im dead by mid afternoon no matter what i do and im getting sick all the time. I feel miserable and bc of mono i am paranoid that i have other things. My joint are all very sore and i get very dizzy. I also have stomach issues and bathroom issues. The doctor didnt care to elaborate on anything and i know that flared lymphnodes can be a sign of cancer in rare cases. BUt even though something is rare doesnt mean you dont have it. I guess teh bump was just a regular tissue inflamed but i still dont get what the flap is behind my tongue, i never noticed it before and it scared me , i mean i thought it was a growth ....is it teh epiglottis ? I looked at the anatomy of the throat and thats what i came up with judging from the diagrams. I guess thats something i never notcied bc i wasnt looking for it '? I dont know but it still feels odd. Anyway, this is not where my health problems end. I have acid reflux disease and i just started taking prilosec but prior to that i had been diagnosed with a peptic ulcer. I took cheap antacids and pepto bismol and i wasok,but it was starnge , one night i had the most excruciating pain in my life throught out my chest and what seemed like my back. The ER concluded a peptic ulcer. NOw that i have constant heart burn and gurgling acid in my throat im scared that it has done damage that i will need an endoscopy to detect bc i dont think it is normal to have trouble swallowing like this. Unless the swallowing trouble is from my sinus/allergie lymphnode flare up ? I will have to wait and see and if i still have trouble swallowing once im done taking the amoxocyllan and continue taking the generic allergy medicine thats supposed to be just as good at claritin. Im not convinced i have cancer but i am convinced i have a problem and i cant help but get scared when my father died of esophogial cancer. Did i mention he had horrible stomach and acid problems just like me ?