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rouge, every time i go back to the doc he says "i still think your throat looks like allergies", but since i've been on so many allergy meds he's not trying that anymore. i've been on Zyrtek, Allegra, Claritin (or Clarinex, can't remember), and some nasal spray, which he said was the best treatment. there may have been another too. none of em worked. and all of em but the Allegra and the nasal spray gave me major stomach pains.

i think i'm going to make another appt with the doctor and ask him what kind of specialist i should see. cause he right out tells me he has no idea.

what's worrying me now is the lump under my chin, at the very top of my neck.

i do wonder about it being some kind of injury, but would that actually make glands swell? and i haven't done much to injure it, except i moved my bed to the inside wall of my room, in case there was mold in the outside wall causing the problem, and now i have to pick it up and move it several feet every time i want to get into my closet, cause it blocks the door.

as for exercise, i really don't get any. at all. i had started kinda exercising a couple months ago, doing some sit ups and push ups and whatnot, and i guess i could have injured it doing that, but i would think i'd have noticed it when i initially did it.