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My sympathies, madame!! My son seemed to have a chronic cough for the longest time. Ever since we moved to North Texas. Allergies, allergies, everyone said, but then he also snored, and had dark circles under his eyes, and got so many sinus/bronchitis infections. Finally, after taking him through a parade of doctors, x-rays, head ct's and so forth, we saw an ear/nose/throat guy. the man said--adenoids! so my son had surgery. he seemed some better, but then a year later, after round 2 of this parade, we took him back to the ENT doc again-3rd time! who said-okay, try one last round of meds, if this doesn't fix it--it's more surgery. so--you guessed it! the doc got a new car or something, 'cause my son ended up getting his tonsils out, too, almost a year to the day after the adenoids were removed.
now he no longer has the cough, or the froggy voice, or the snoring, or the dark eye circles!!!!!!
it was extremely rough going after the surgery-my son lost a lot of weight due to not eating, but in the end, only 2 wks later he was loads better.
what can i say? have a look at the tonsils. check to see if it's strep, and see if your child has tried augmentin (antibiotic) if it was strep.
i also have an older child who for 10 yrs drove me nuts with her coughing all night, every night, nearly her whole life.
turns out--she does have allergies, no strep, no tonsil thing. so like the other posts say, go ahead and seek counsel from an allergist/asthma specialist--
a pulmonologist or a pediatric ENT.
there are avenues!
hang in there!
do all the dust mite removal things...vacuum bedding, toys, drapery, carpets, etc. regularly; keep air filters clean, keep humidity at optimum levels; and don't be afraid of Claritin, Flonase or any other ideas your doc may ask you to try.
it'll be okay! it will!