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Good Morning all!

Sorry about your mom Carol, we'll be praying for you. I know it will be a busy time for you, but don't forget you need to take time out to walk and take care of you too! Hope you can get your brother involved?

I'm trying to come down with a cold; doubling up on the claritin seems to help. I feel a bit better since I'm doing only 3 miles on the treadmill and braving the cold to get a short walk (1 mile) outside. My back does feel better but sore legs (inside of my thighs, that's a new one); the wind pushed me UP the hill yesterday in record time! Feet and toes, still the same ~ugh~.

I've set a target date to take my coding certification - May 5 - so will be doing lots of sitting. The books are HUGE and cumbersome so hard to lay down and read. Guess I'd better get the free weights out again! ;)

Take care all; stay warm Carol and hope it's not too warm for you Okie!