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I don't know why my face has been so puffy and swollen in the past 12 months. I'm currently checking with various doctors about this. My cheeks seem chubbier, nose widening, lips are thicker, weight is the same for the past several years (exercising more though), feeling colder, hair falling out, extremities get numb sometimes when cold, crack my wrists all the time, more muscle soreness, heavier periods, and hands get puffy when I walk a lot.

-I've tried to take Claritin to see if it might be allergy-related. Didn't help.
-I've had an MRI done to see if it's a pituitary issue (acromegaly-related) and the tests came out negative. Whew!
-My TSH is fine at 2.8 but my endo says it's slightly elevated (>2.0 is elevated). She's running more thyroid test including antibodies. I'm wondering if I might have Hashimoto's. I'll find out next week about my bloodwork.
-Had teeth pain for longer than 6 months. My dentist says my teeth are impacted and I need to get wisdom teeth taken out. I also had a root canal done in 2001 and they put a fake tooth over it but it's cock-eyed now and now there's some decay around where the fake tooth meets with the original tooth. Not sure if the wisdom teeth (upper left side has pain from wisdom tooth pain) and root canal (upper left side) causing infection where it can puff my face. My dentist had to give me antibiotics and pain killers in July to get the pain to subside.
-Have a very high platelet count (790,000 where the range is 100,000-400,000). Going to see a hematologist about this next week.
-Not currently taking any drugs or vitamins.
-My ferritin level is 53.
-My face decreases in swelling when I drink much more than average amounts of water.

Any help would be extremely appreciated. I know aging results in looser skin but I'm only 36 and I feel like I look like a fat face when I'm not fat. Last year, I had a perfectly defined face and I haven't gained weight at all.