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Maybe you can help me figure this out. I've had a sore throat for a couple months, on and off -- sometimes when I swallow, sometimes only when I sneeze, sometimes not at all. :confused: I do have lots of post-nasal drip in the mornings, etc, but I can control it pretty well most of the time. Anyway, I had my first bout of this back around April-May. GP saw nothing, prescribed amoxicillyn. I don't think the amoxicillyn did anything, but later on the sore throat disappeared, or at least it stopped bothering me to the point that I didn't notice it. Then in December it started up again. It might conform to a pattern of seasonal molds/pollutants, etc, but I can't really trace it to any one thing. Saline sprays help -- for a very short time. Ibuprofen helps -- somewhat.

In the last few weeks various GPs have diagnosed various things -- I think they were just guessing. One said it was viral and that the throat was red and swollen, AND I had an ear infection too. The second one saw nothing wrong at all and basically blew me off. The third one did see redness and generally "unhappy throat" (but no ear problem), figured it was bacterial and prescribed amoxicillyn (I'm probably immune to the stuff by now), as well as Claritin in case it was allergies. No real help. The FOURTH one did a rapid strep test which came up negative, saw nothing wrong with the throat, upped my allergy meds. This was all in a period of a few weeks! I think they're just taking my money.

So my next step is to get an ENT to run a scope down there and look for Really Bad Things. Since I have no insurance, I won't be able to treat Really Bad Things anyway. Oh well, it was a nice life.

More info: I'm 40 years old, never used tobacco products, did drink moderately but mostly phased that out too a few months ago. I do have a history of adult ear infections on the right side, where the throat pain is. Apparently the tubes in my head aren't symmetrical, which might result in one side of my throat getting more mucous drainage than the other side (the first doctor saw redness on both sides...but we've already dismissed her....). I would consider mono, but I don't think I ever ran a really high fever, just low-grade fever with cold/flu-like feelings for brief periods. Temp is normal right now.

I may also have a reflux issue, because many nights in the past few months I've awakened at 3 am with a sour stomach and had to take Tums to calm it down. Then in my morning my mouth would taste like yuck, but that could be the Tums. Still, I bought some Zantac 75 yesterday so we'll see if that makes a difference.

And last but not least, I live in Austin Texas, the allergy capital of the world, so that's a whole other realm of possibility. And I live in an apartment which could be exposing me to mold, etc.

Anyway, this is getting scary and stressful, especially when we get into scope territory. I don't know how to deal with it anymore, but thanks for listening. If anyone has a similar story, or any thoughts to offer, I'd be grateful.
The Claritin-D has dried up my sinuses pretty good, and not spitting up much stuff either. Throat symptoms still there today, though getting a little better this afternoon for some unknown reason. I vacuumed all my carpets and am trying a different diet (to check for food allergies) of bland foods (in case it's reflux).

And just trying not to worry. Racing mind and anxiety kept me awake most of the night. I'll schedule an ENT appointment, but without insurance I guess I'd have to take out a bank loan to cover any serious work that needs to be done.

Could my thyroid be doing it? Should I have it checked out too? the pain is about where the top of the right lobe of the thyroid should be.