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I had a bad head cold 2 months ago that no sinus decongestant seemed to help except for the nose spray such as " afrin". Well here it is 2 months later and it seems as though if I don't use the spray, my nose becomes a brick wall. Impossible to breath. I told my doctor about it, and he said it was the remaning head cold and some allergies (that I have never had a problem with befor) mixed into it even though I dont think a cold would last 2 months ,and to use an alergy reliefe like claritin or somthing similar. Well its not helping either. the only thing that will work is the spray I am convinced, But I hate using. I'm not by any means "addicted" to it. But I hate not being able to breath. I think this spray has done somthing to nose. Has anyone ever had a problem like this? How did you get it under control? I so long to be able to have my sence of smell and taste back..;. Any help or information would be of great help. Thanks.