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[QUOTE=MiamiGirl25;3043406]I am currently on my second month of Dr.Natura's Colonix kit and let me tell that this stuff actually works. For the first time I have seen actual results from a product...

Hello, could you elaborate on what you mean by "results" ? What prompted you to start taking the Colonix? Did you have any intestinal issues or constipation that made you think about colon clensing? Did you have rubbery strings come out of you? Or did you just start feeling physically better ?

I guess I'm just thinking the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality in my situation, since I am fairly regular every morning on the toilet. I do have frequent head/neck aches, fatigue/groggyness, lack of energy, difficulty exercising for long periods of time... sometimes funky breath, I just wonder if these symptons could be intestine-related. I take allergy meds like zyrtec and claritin for pollen and I take one-a-day multivitamin pills.

Side note- I noticed on more than one occasion that if I skip the multivitamin pill, the following day I will not be as regular or may actually have difficulty in the bathroom, which makes me think my body is now accustomed to the vitamin and actually requires the vitamin to function regularly.

And sometimes I can't tell if someone is endorsing the product because they really used it, or maybe they work for the company, etc. I guess I'm really curious about the potential health benefits of this type of product, but I'm still not sold on it. Any other pros/cons discussion would be helpful... TY