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Thanks for the information, deedestiny756. Unfortunately, I do not have a stethoscope.

My regular doctor I haven't seen in about four years, but the doctor who I do see on a more regular basis is my ENT, and I really didn't expect her to be able to aid me a whole lot with what I figure is a respiratory problem. She, however, advised me to get some Claritin and Mucinex and take both for the next 3-5 days (she wants to rule out the possibility of allergies first). She said if I'm still feeling short of breath, coughing, have chest pain, and all these other bizarre things by the time I finish the meds (or if anything worsens at anytime), that I should make an appointment with a family practice doctor to find out what's going on. That being said, I took the first doses of both meds and I still feel like garbage right now - I wonder if Claritin takes a couple days to start working properly.

My doctor said it could be related to asthma (which, as far as I know, I do not have), could be a bronchal/allergic reactions to things outside (pollen, etc.) or it could be 'walking pneumonia'...whatever that is. So, I just need to stick it out until Sunday and if I'm still feeling ill, I'll be making an appointment to go get poked and prodded...but it'll be worth it if I can breathe normally again.

Also, I notice my symptoms get exacerbated at nighttime. During the day - even when it's sweltering - my breathing is fine. But at night, I have a harder time breathing, my chest feels more noticeably achey, I cough more, and my headaches get worse. I don't understand why this happens...wouldn't my breathing be harder in the heat, as opposed to the night when it's cooler?