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Some of you may remember my post here about my 3+ month-long coughing bout. I ended up being put on the antibiotic Biaxin because I was suspected to have something related to bronchitis. My mother dragged me to the outpatient clinic again yesterday because, after a week of Biaxin (still have a few more days left of it), I'm still coughing.

I was prescribed a bottle of 'perles' - the fluid-filled pills - to relax my cough reflex, and I was also advised to continue using Claritin (for allergies) and Mucinex (to make the cough more productive) because this doctor (different from the previous one) said I have something allergy-related. Well, after taking the perles, I feel just as bad as I did before I took the Biaxin. I feel like I'm short of breath again, I'm coughing more frequently and with more phlegm, and my chest hurts again (most likely from excessive coughing).

I brought this up to someone and they pointed out to me that these medications being taken all together will end up being counter-productive. For example, how will it help me if my cough is being medicated to produce more phlegm, but my cough reflex is not working normally? Also, the Claritin did not change anything and the Biaxin got rid of all the symptoms except the cough - so would that not be a sign that what I have is NOT allergy-related? And I have no idea if these meds are going to react badly with one another in different ways than cancelling out the effects of the others - I'm nervous about taking them all.

What kind of doctor could I speak to who deals specifically with respiratory problems? And would I need to make an appointment to just talk to said doctor, or could I ask them about my concerns over the phone?