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Hey Mommie-
I know you are scared. It's normal. All of us moms can totally relate to your concerns. I'm really sorry you are having to deal with this.

I can only tell you that my son went through the same sort of things. As an infant, he seemed to catch every cold and or virus that came near him. He always had ear infections, and eventually ended up also having his tonsils taken out. He has been prone to allergies since infancy, and it's been a constant battle. Even when he wasn't sick, his tonsils almost touched!!

Anyway, he developed swollen lymph nodes in his neck...it was towards the right side and kind of at the base of his necl & upper shoulder. One in particular grew pretty big. The ENT doctor told me that kids who are allergy proned can get this, since their immune system is working harder than most kids to keep them healthy. He assured me that as long as the lymph nodes were not hard and were able to be moved around under the skin and not "stuck down" in one place, it isn't bad and that eventually, as he grew older, they would eventually go away as we were able to get & keep his allergy symptoms under control.

He is now 13 years old, and as long as we treat allergy symptoms before they get too far along, things go pretty well. He takes Claritin & Flonase during certain times of the year. We've had to learn the signs of when his allergies are coming on. He gets a bit dark under his eyes, and then starts the sniffling & clearing his throat- we start treating the symptoms and usually it goes away.

I do wish you the very best. Sometimes, when you do have an allergy proned child, it's not uncommon to have a lower white blood cell count. Please keep us posted. Take care!!