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That happens to me whenever I have to much salt. Puffy eyes and my fingers get puffy too....hard to wear rings that normally fit. I Love salt:rolleyes: but unfortunately I must avoid it. Also, alcohol caused puffy eyes like crazy! I have since quit drinking and limit salt and haven't had the problem at all. And even though it isn't itchy she still could be allergic to something. It happens to my mom if she eats tomatoes or tuna fish!???? Weird but true. Try an over-the-counter antihistamine and see if it works, it's worth a try:). They have claritin ready tabs that just melt in your mouth and work quickly. Kinda expensive though. Just ask the pharmacist they may have suggestions too. Good luck!

Oh yeah and I heard preparation H helps swelling on the eyes...normally used for the bum but people swear by it!