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Can someone tell me what is this virus that everyone has this year>? My husband, sister, two sisters in law and a nephew who now has pneumonia have had this same thing. You feel awful, lose your voice, have green phlegm, tired, and cannot get over it. All of us live in different states too.

Can you top this? I have been sick 6 months with this "something." If you have what I have had you will need some time to fully recover. Since I started with a virus and ended up with a sinus infection mine has lasted 6 months...

Christmas 07 I had what seemed like a bad cold...I went into winter not really shaking it but not going to doc, cuz I kept thinking it would end with cedar season ending.

It got so bad in March with coughing up sputum, etc. So doc gave me a cortisone shot and a Zpak. Did not work for more than 2 weeks. Back to him and he gave me Levaquin and claritin for allergies. A month later I had a bronchial cough.

Finally a CT scan showed my sinus infection in May. The doc said I had this new bug probably back at Christmas and because of allergies it settled in my sinuses with bacteria and has been tormenting me ever since.

I am on my 4th day of Levaquin (again) and I finally feel like I am getting better. But i still have the cough. He said that until the drainage from the sinus infec stops i will cough.