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I suffered a very gagging and nagging cough for a few years (2000-2004) on and off, every four months or so, for four months at a time. I personally had to discover what it really was. After years of research and several doctors later, I recall, one doctor saying it was acid reflux. I thought to myself that's impossible. I had no clinical symptoms of acid reflux.

Very long story short: Allergies and Acid Reflux play a very key role to one another, whether or not its believable, the fact is still that. The very slight acids that may come up to about your lower esophagus, are enough to trigger an allergic reaction in your throat, maybe even your nose. Acids trigger allergies, and vice versa. Allergies from chemicals or seasonal, including a common cold can re-trigger your acids to come up and further increase allergic reaction in the throat. Hence, a gagging cough, to the point of vomiting.

Don't hold me to this, but what works wonders for me is the following:

Claritin D 24 Hour [For Allergies] no more than 5 days
Apple Cider Vinegar (pills or liquid is fine) [For Acid Control] 1-2 weeks
A healthier diet [At least for about 2 weeks, until symptoms are gone]

Keep in mind that fatty foods such as most pork or spicy foods trigger acids, so best advised to stay clear of them foods.

Again, I am no doctor by any means, but this worked for me, and now I only get this cough when I get sick with a common cold, which is normal. Cough lasts about 4 days tops now.

Good luck