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My husband has always had very bad nasal allergies and mild asthma. To cats, dogs, pollen, ragweed, air conditioning, dust, you name it. It doesn't matter where we live (we've lived on the west coast and the east) even gone to Mexico & South America and everywhere there is something he reacts to.

Some times of the year are slightly better than others, but only by a little. He'll used to get into these sneezing jags that could last pretty much all day on a bad day. He even sneezes in his sleep and for quite awhile when he wakes up every morning.

The doctor prescribed him flonase, he also takes reactine and sometimes claritin as well as two asthma inhalers. The problem is after he takes any of those meds for a number of days, his nose will swell up making him even more uncomfortable then enduring a day long sneezing allergy fit! It takes a time for the swelling to go down, then the allergies come back with a vengeance. So he's gone off the allergy meds.

Have any of you experienced this with your allergy meds before?