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Well now it seems that I have tonsillitis and possibly an upper respiratory infection. I had a very difficult time getting an appointment to see my own dr yesterday and having been sick for the past 5 days I was desperate to see someone, so I went to the student health center at my college and saw a nurse practicioner. This would have been just fine, had she actually known what she was doing! It took 4 tries for her to get my blood pressure! She did a 5 minute strep test and it came back negative. She examined me and said I probably needed an anti-biotic because my throat was so red and I had so many little white spots. But she wouldn't give me one because I have too many allergies to anti-biotics and she didn't know what to give me! I TOLD her exactly what I can take..... Ceftin, Lorabid, Levaquin, Avelox, Zithromax, Clindamycin, and a few other ones that slip my mind at the moment. Nobody there was familiar with any of these and refused to prescribe one for me, even though I clearly needed an anti-biotic! So, I walked around with no medicine for another 24 hours until I got to see my own dr because these people didn't know how to look something up in a PDR.

Anyway, I finally got to see my ENT specialist today. I wouldn't have been able to see my Primary Care Dr until tomorrow! So my ENT dr got me in today. I've got a lot of those little white spots on my tonsils, fever of 100-102 for the last 5 days, coughing up green stuff, bad sinus headaches and a sore throat, swollen tonsils and bad laryngitis. He didn't say that I have a sinus infection, said it looks more like tonsillitis. And I was wondering why I had those little white spots last week. I wonder no more... :) So, now I am on AcquaTab-C for the congestion and cough, and Lorabid 400mg 2X a day for 10 days for the infection. He told me I could stop it after 7 days if I feel significantly better, but I think I will continue it for the full 10 days no matter what, so I don't get a relapse! The fun never ends! UGH!!!!!

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