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I feel for you. I'm 33 and have breakouts all the time

What has worked best for me. I use a Neutrogena cleanser, Dove non alcohol toner and Neutrogena multi Vitamin acne treatment. I also use a facial mask twice a week.

The worst product I ever tried, was the Clindamycin phosphate topical solution. That is an acne product which you have to get prescribed by a dermatologist. It costs about 45 dollars. That product totally dented by skin. It literally eats your skin. I used the Neutrogena healthy skin face lotion which made my skin smooth again.
I love the Clindamycin phosphate solution!! It is like a really thin lotion so I never get oily during the day and it helps calm down pimples. I don't see how it would "eat away" but I guess we are all different. :bouncing:
latayy26, I still have about 35 pads of the Clindamycin phosphate solution!!
If you want, i'll send it to you for free. I'm not gonna use it no more. Its in the container it came in.