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I post here on the board every now and then, I am a 30 year old guy. I have had moderate cystic and regular acne since about 14-15, it has been getting worse the last five years with the cystic acne.

Anyway, I have been using Retin A micro for about 3 months, clindamycin for about 2 months and recently added minocycline (just a few days ago). I still have pretty bad breakouts, I drink plenty of water and still not clear. I have used this system faithfully and was wondering when I might see some more dramatic results. So far only minimal improvements, still get about 1-2 new cysts weekly (sometimes 3). My derm just says to wait it out, but I am going on 31 soon and I am sick of waiting for clear skin.

Has anyone else used the same routine and had good results? Any information would be helpful, it is really getting hard to deal with this stuff.