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i went to the dr today just for a regular check up and i told her i was concerned about my acne. i started clindamycin topical in 1998 til 2002 when i got immuned to it because it stopped working, and she put me on erthromycin topical 2% today. i wanted to know has anyone had any experience w/ this? she said it was kinda like the clindamycin but a different antibiotic. clindamycin had my face ZIT FREE for 4 years so i'm hoping this will work...any imput?
i'm hoping this works as long as the clindamycin did. you know when u're trying to get rid of ance you'll try anything....i just wont try accutane my acne isnt that bad, just moderate acne but that seems bad enough.....i'm also using oil of olay sensitive skin foam wash. any input on that? i heard its good...