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I'm baaaack! I'm actually trying to stay away from these boards, just because they make me focus on how my skin could still be better. Not good for me. But I think y'all deserve an update now and then.

As some of you know, I went on a six month course of Accutane, and ended in June. My skin hasn't been perfectly clear, but I'm still pleased. I have naturally oily skin (hereditary) so I'm not trying to fight that. I know it will pay off later, when I don't have as many wrinkles as other people. My nose has blackheads...big deal. It could be worse. Every once in a while I get a breakout...PMS, touching my face too much. Right now I have 1 zit above the lip, 1 on the forehead, 1 on the cheek. And that's what I consider "bad" for my face right now. It used to be that I was constantly broken out with 20 or more zits, and countless scars. This is like heaven.

I am washing twice a day with Eucerin Hydrating Cleanser, though I am thinking of switching to something with glycolic acid. Has anyone ever tried NeoStrata, and if so, did you like it? My dermatologist reccomended it to me. I am using a salicylic acid product in the morning, though I intend to change that to a benzoyl peroxide pledgelet (Triaz, 6%). My derm wanted me to use Clindamycin or Klaron, but I can't stand either of those products. In the evening, I use the weaker strength (.04%, i think) of Retin A Micro, which I looove. That's my main "acne fighting tool". The stronger percentage just irritates me too much.

Now for this weird "quick fix". One of my girl friends was telling me about this...she heard that if you put BACON on one of those underground zits, it will come to the surface. She couldn't remember if you were supposed to leave the bacon on for 5 or 30 minutes. (I'd probably do 15). She's never tried it, she's a vegetarian and the smell of bacon irks her. Just regular meat bacon. If anyone decides to try this, let us know. It's supposed to be something about enzymes in the bacon helping to withdraw impurities in the skin. Crazy, huh?