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I saw my derm and here's what he recommended...
morning: wash w/ Triaz 3% cleanser (benzoyl peroxide)
dry my face then use Clindets (Clindamycin Phosphate Pledgets) they smell bad!
then i'll apply my moisturizer (Neut oil-free moisture)

night: wash w/ triaz again or i'll use my dove soap if its too irritating
use Clindets again
then Retin-a-micro (and if too drying switch to differin)

I have used RAM for 2 months now w/o anything else so im already used to it...it didnt seem to do much alone..i have sensitive skin not too oily. If anyone has had any success or wants to comment or give advice please let me know! I want to know if this regime has had any success....thanks !