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And on top of what html pointed out, cephalexin is NOT indicated for a strep infection. Drugs for strep include clindamycin, penicillin, and vancomycin.

And on top of THAT, you should never take old medication for a new diagnosis. Although it might seem like antibiotics are antibiotics and painkillers are painkillers, they all have different actions, mechanisms, and are all used for different things. In some cases, you can even hurt yourself by doing this.

And on top of THAT - the bacteria that causes strep also causes about a dozen other diseases. Some you cannot get if you have the throat infection first. Others can result from mistreated or untreated strep throat. These can be very serious, so PLEASE get to a doctor soon. I know you are really short on money right now. There are free clinics within close range of most people nowadays - all you need is a quick swab and a prescription.