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What topicals are you using?

I've been on spiro for a month now, and I'm amazed. I always knew that my skin was oily, but I never had any idea to what extent. It's amazing to be able to get through the day now without having to blot my noze or apply any more powder. My once very large pores are shrinking before my eyes.

Anyway, I was curious as to what topicals you are using. Are you still using something for oily/acne prone skin, or are you switching over to something else? My derm suggested that I continue to use a benzoyl peroxide cleanser, and he perscribed clindamycin gel, which I've been using. Oddly enough, a month ago, he told me that he liked the Proactiv cleanser. So, I ordered Proactiv and have been using their three step system but only at night. I'm not experiencing any terrible dryness. In fact, I've been enjoying Proactiv's products very much. I've just wondering if it may be too harsh for my skin now that it's not producing the oils like it was before.

How about all the spiro users on this board share their topical routines, too.

P.S.- I had never heard of spiro prior to this board. You guys are a god send.
Hey Thickskin, I am using a 20% BP gel made my dermatologist's office. It works so well and doesn't dry out my skin! If I start to see any sign of a pimple, it's gone by morning. I also sometimes use Clindamycin phosphate lotion in the morning if I do get any dry spots.