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Has anyone used this DuAc stuff? What's your opinion of it, if you have?

For the longest time I've been on Klaron and Retin-A Micro but that doesn't seem to work. My skin is much better than before but I still tend to break out. What I'd noticed in the past was that when I used Clearasil as well as Klaron and Retin-A, my skin seemed to clear up completely. So I thought, I will just scratch out the Klaron and use this Duac stuff that my brother uses. A combination of clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide.

The thing is, on the retin-a micro package or site (don't remember which, maybe both) they say something about the combination of retin-a and benzoyl peroxide having bad effects. I don't know. The dermatologist prescribed the combination to my brother and it seems to work for him so I figured I'd try it.