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Quote from andrea319:
Hi all, I'm new here to this forum. I'm 25 and had never suffered with acne before. During my pregnancy with my son who is now 2 1/2 I started getting pimples and what started with a few turned into pregnancy acne. I thought after I had the baby it would go away well now almost 3 years later it hasn't. I'm using Biore cleanser and I use Persagel with Benzoyl Peroxide but it dries my skin so badly. Does anyone have any suggestions?
I feel as though it has something to do with my PH balance being offset from getting pregnant. Has anyone else suffered from acne this way?

Thanks for your comments and suggestions ahead of time.

I'm 24 and have recently had 2 m/c's after which I developed acne. I've never had any problem with acne in the past. I believe it has a direct effect w/ being pregnant and eventually miscarrying (twice). I think my hormones are definitely out of wack. I've tried so many products and nothing has cured it completely. That's one of the main reasons I believe it's a hormone issue. I too find BP very drying. I was using Benzaclyn (Benzoyl Peroxide & Clindamycin) which was working really well when I started but eventually ended up drying my skin out so severly that I began breaking out more. What I find to work most effectively is a salicyclic acid face wash (from ProActive – it's called Deep Cleansing Wash). I have been going for facials once every 4 weeks for the past few months and that has helped a lot. I started using mineral based make-up and also a glycolic acid gel (5% for now but will push it up to 10%). Glycolic Acid is, to me, the best route. It's works well and does not dry my skin out like BP. Good luck. You're not alone.