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Hi everyone,

I've had acne for seventeen years and have tried benzoyl peroxide (was allergic to it), azelaic acid (skinoren) (perservered for months & it made no difference), anitbiotics erythromycin (topical), clindamycin (topical), & oxytetracycline (oral) (perserved for months with each of them, but had a hideous reaction in which my acne became dreadful and would not improve), dianette contraceptive pill (contains anti-androgens) (perservered for five years, made no difference), & echichnea (maybe spelt wrong, it's a herbal remedy) (had a similar reaction as with the antibiotics). My dermotologist wouldn't prescribe isotretinoin (roaccutane \ accutane) (you know how unsympathetic they can be).

So I decided to try B5. I've been taking 12g per day for eleven weeks and four days now, and still no difference. How long did people who found B5 effective take it for?

Thank you, C.